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All the pictures and Download addresses are all in every File bag. So you can choose wahtever you want.


I download all the pictures and resources on the official website, that means I spend money and join in those official websites, becoming their member. So, don't download my resources and send them to others and say," they are my resources! "

关于如何下载,如何使下载速度增快,种种问题均在我公告里面,So, don't ask me any question about my resources!


At the same time, please don't ask me about some resources that you want to have, because I'm a high school students and I just buy 8 members of them, so I dislike releasing others resources. 

The introduction of Lucas Entertainment:

Vito Gallo and Trenton Ducati are both shirtless and horny at the beginning of their interview session hosted by Adam Killian. Both Vito and Trenton have the bodies of Greek gods: they’re ripped with tight and sculpted muscles, and when they start making out it’s an epic clash of titanic proportions!

Vito’s pants come down first, and his fat cock pops out of his pants and disappears down Trenton’s throat. Once Trenton sucked on Vito for a while, his own dick grew hard and needs some attention, so Vito wraps his mouth around Trenton’s meat and uses his lips and tongue to make the muscle man feel good all over.

Vito started out as a power-top, but he’s since expanded his horizons and now takes dick up his ass, and that’s what happens when Trenton turns him around and bends the Italian guy over and starts sodomizing him. Trenton’s in-and-out motions are sometimes too much for Vito, and he grits his teeth while he’s getting fucked. But Vito knows how to take it like a champ, and he even spins around and sits on top of Trenton’s cock for a ride.

The guys flip around, and when Trenton eyes Vito’s cock he looks nervous — but Vito just doesn’t care. Vito first bends Trenton over and forces him to flex his muscular ass, but they both show their limits when Trenton thrusts his ass up in the air and supports himself on his shoulders.

Vito completely pile-drives deep into Trenton’s hole, and he doesn’t let up, not even when he switches him onto his back and pumps him more until they blow their loads!



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